Why Expert Coaching is Crucial to Your Trade Show Success

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Blog

Fact: Trade shows are among the most powerful marketing platforms available. However, succeeding at a trade show is now more challenging than ever. Several factors, including the effects of COVID-19 and the rise of digital marketing, have had a notable effect on trade shows: Fewer attendees. 

The result? The trade show floor is a high-pressure environment with cut-throat competition. It’s not a place for the ill-prepared; you must bring your A-game and fight for every lead. This is where expert trade show coaching comes in. It’s your ace in the hole.

Keep reading to find out how consulting with a trade show coach sets you on the path to success.  

Prepare Your Booth Staff for Success

Here’s the thing, your staffers’ interaction with prospects is a significant contributing factor to conversion rates. With this in mind, you can’t overlook your staff’s training. 

A training coach will give your staffers an edge by training them to outcompete other exhibitors for attendee attention. This includes reading non-verbal cues to help improve customer engagement and drive conversations. 

For example, your staff will learn to distinguish positive and negative body language. A trade show coach will show them how to leverage effective non-verbal cues such as smiling, proper posture, and maintaining direct contact to improve engagement. 

Additionally, a training coach will teach your staffers how to initiate and maintain engaging conversations with attendees using simple but effective elevator pitches. Furthermore, a coach will craft consistent responses to common customer questions. This way, all staffers will be on the same page regarding your brand identity and company mission. 

But this isn’t all. An expert coach will let your staffers in on critical insider information. For instance, they’ll learn how to spot promising prospects, spark productive engagements, and gain commitments for follow-up. 

The best part is that a trade show coach will give hands-on training to prepare your staffers for the high-pressure tradeshow floor. For example, a trainer might use role-play to familiarize your staffers with qualifying prospects. A trade show coach will also take your staffers on an exhibit tour to help prepare them for the event. 

Getting a feel of the entire exhibition layout will allow your staffers to get comfortable with the trade show environment. A tour will help your staffers get acquainted with the exhibit location and learn how to properly use badge scanners, data printouts, and promotional items. 

Overall, your booth staffers act as brand ambassadors on the trade show floor. Don’t leave anything to chance; partner with an expert trade show coach and maximize your chances of success.