Why Do You Need a Trade Show Coach

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Blog

It’s not a secret that participating in trade shows is an effective method of growing your customer base and boosting brand visibility. However, trade shows aren’t a perfect marketing solution, they are notorious for being expensive and labor-intensive. 

With this in mind, it would be best if you partnered with a trade show coach. Their services will increase your chances of success whether you are a veteran exhibitor or planning your first show.

The top professionals in their industries often avail themselves of coaching, bearing in mind the idea that success can always be improved upon. And if you are not yet at the top of your profession, a coach can help you get their more quickly. Here are some reasons why hiring a trade show coach might be a good move:

To make a good first impression so that visitors will be interested in engaging with you at your booth

Since every interaction at a trade show has the potential to develop into a long-lasting business relationship, you can’t afford to go in unprepared. A trade show coach will help you bring your A-game and leave a memorable first impression with prospects visiting your booth. 

An experienced coach will cover everything from your booth preparation to how you present yourself to clients. For instance, they will teach you how to use your body language to make customers feel at ease and open up. 

In short, a trade show coach will show you how to confidently present your brand and get customers interested in your exhibits. 

To help you create a list of questions to qualify visitors and find out their needs

Not every prospect visiting your booth knows what they want from your products and services. 

This is where a trade show coach comes in handy. A seasoned coach will leverage their experience to help you get in a prospect’s shoes using custom questions. 

The best part is that such questions are unique to your business, and you can use them on customers regardless of their position in your buyer’s journey. 

To help you create a one-minute pitch that explains your company’s offer and positions you as the authority in your market

With many booths to explore, trade show attendees are overwhelmed with choices. In short, you have limited time to engage your prospects and keep them from wandering off. 

A coach will teach you the art of elevator pitching to help you engage with attendees. You’ll learn how to quickly introduce yourself, get your key points across and connect with a prospect in less than a minute. 

With the right approach, your one-minute pitches will allow you to hook a customer and dispel any doubts they have by positioning yourself as an expert in your field. 

To help you anticipate visitors’ questions and objections so that you can answer them confidently

A trade show coach will create a wide range of questions after carefully studying your exhibit. 

They will then put you and your team members through mock interactions where they will pose the questions and train you how to answer confidently. 

While it’s unlikely that the coach will cover every possible question, they will teach you how give satisfactory answers by anticipating your customers’ objections.   

To help you with getting a commitment and establishing a follow-up appointment or action

Most prospects visiting your booth won’t be ready to purchase, but this shouldn’t discourage you. 

A coach will show you how to spot warm leads, engage with them by figuring out what they want, and get them to commit without coming across as pushy. 

Furthermore, a coach will help you develop an actionable plan to nudge them further along your sales funnel once the trade show wraps up. 

To teach you how to quickly screen out competitors and tire-kickers to avoid wasting valuable sales time

The sad truth is that only some people visiting your booth are genuinely interested in your exhibits. For instance, a competitor might pass by to scope your setup and ruffle your feathers.

Whatever the case, you can’t afford to waste your time and energy on visitors who are just stringing you along. Fret not; a trade show coach will teach screening techniques to help you qualify prospects and separate legitimate customers from tire-kickers.

To show you how to avoid upsetting customers by reading their nonverbal communication.

Not all clients visiting your booth will be upfront and open to conversation. Knowing what to look for in such customers could be the difference between generating a lead and losing a potential client. 

A trade show coach will teach you how to spot and read any nonverbal cues. This knowledge will help you to effectively handle customers by giving them their space instead of aggressively pitching your products.

Your professional approach will leave a lasting impression on potential clients, encouraging them to engage with you earnestly. 

Overall, trade shows present an opportunity to grow your business by giving you a platform to introduce and promote flagship products and services to a high value market. However, executing a successful exhibit isn’t a cakewalk, you’ll need to avoid various pitfalls to maximize your ROI.

The good news is that you don’t have to shoulder the burden alone. Partnering with a trade show coach improves the chances of meeting your short-term and long-term trade show objectives.

In short, the earlier you hire a trade show coach, the earlier you can get started on a comprehensive exhibit strategy and get the most out of your upcoming trade show.