Top 100 Trade Show Giveaway Ideas for 2023

With the Trade show season ramping up, you need every advantage to ensure your brand makes a lasting impression. Regarding marketing solutions, trade show giveaways can work wonders for your brand’s exposure.

However, picking the right product is easier said than done. This detailed guide covers the top 100 marketing giveaways for 2023.

Let’s dive right in. 

Why Is It Important to Give Out Items at Trade Shows?

1.     Promotional items have immense marketing potential

Giveaways remain effective long after most advertising options lose steam. Your business will enjoy free advertising if people keep using the branded products. 

2.     Giveaways increase connections

The fast pace of trade show events makes it impossible for most attendees to spend time at every booth. Offering event giveaways increases the chances of high-value leads identifying and connecting with your brand.

3.     Giveaways boost brand recognition

A trade show giveaway will keep marketing your brand long after the event. Your business receives exposure every time the recipients use the product. However, you should choose helpful products for your brand-building campaign to be effective.

4.     Giveaways boost customer loyalty

A valuable promotional item shows prospects that you appreciate them. As a result, recipients of trade show swag are more likely to promote your brand through word of mouth and using the branded products.

5.     Giveaways increase booth traffic

Booths that don’t display event giveaways struggle to attract traffic. Promotional products make your booth inviting to prospects, increasing your chances of capturing leads.

6.     Giveaways generate buzz around your brand

Getting people to talk about your brand after the event can be challenging. Thoughtful freebies encourage recipients to act as brand ambassadors and provide free marketing for your business.

7.     Giveaways make your brand stand out

Standing out from the competition is crucial to meeting your trade show goals. Event freebies are a cost-effective way of giving your booth an edge, especially if your competitors aren’t offering any.

8.     Giveaways make your brand memorable

Marketing giveaways are perfect for leaving an impression on prospects. The right gift and memorable messaging will make your brand unforgettable. 

9.     Giveaways increase conversion rate

Trade show gifts are perfect for building goodwill with prospects, especially if your brand is new. Giveaways will encourage people to spend time at your booth.

10. Giveaways boost brand reputation

Trade show giveaways portray your brand as a charitable company. As a result, your business comes across as a high-value company to prospects, significantly improving your brand image.

How Do You Know What Will Be the Best Trade Show Giveaways?

1.     Research your audience

It would be best if you researched your audience to understand their needs and tastes comprehensively. Attendees will only use your freebies if they find the products helpful.

2.     Establish a budget

Establish a budget for your trade show giveaways once you understand what your audience prefers. A budget will help you pick products that are affordable and cost-effective.

3.     Go for practical products

Prospects will use your promotional items regularly only if they find them useful. Avoid choosing generic trade show giveaways. You’ll be wasting money on items your recipients will likely lock away in a drawer. 

4.     Use high-quality products

Using cheap giveaway items is a recipe for disaster. Prospects will associate your business with cutting corners and lackluster services. You are better off purchasing fewer high-quality trade show promotional items.

5.     Personalize your trade show giveaways

Personalized promotional products are great for showing clients that you value them. Moreover, you can target specific client types with personalized freebies.

6.     Use unique giveaway products

Think outside the box when picking products for your marketing giveaways. Creative product choices will ensure that your brand stands out in a sea of generic trade show freebies.

7.     Prioritize branding

Use impactful branding elements such as abstract designs to attract people’s eyes to your trade show swag items. Also, creative typography will enhance your logo if you prefer minimalist promotional branding.

8.     Focus on sustainability

Consumers are more mindful of their impact on the environment. Using environment-friendly products for your promotional campaign shows prospects that you run an environment-conscious business that prioritizes high-quality products and services.

9.     Have unique packaging

Creative packaging can spark your prospect’s curiosity and attract them to your booth. Additionally, thoughtful packaging shows prospects that your brand pays attention to details.

10. Loosen up

Taking things too seriously leads to overthinking and playing safe with your giveaway choices. Remember to think outside the box, make bold decisions and have fun.

What Are The Best Ideas For Trade Show Giveaways?

1.     28 oz. Push/Pull Lid Bike Bottle

Hydrating doesn’t have to come with a guilty conscience. These multi-purpose push/pull bottles are a timeless trade show giveaway and an alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.

2.     Wireless charger

It’s easy to see why wireless chargers have universal appeal. Cables are messy and inconvenient. Switching to a wireless charger means organizing your workspace and reducing clutter.

3.     5 oz. Custom Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Keep your leads safe and germ-free with these custom hand sanitizer bottles. They are portable and durable, making them perfect for day-to-day use and exposing your brand.

4.     Charging Mouse Pad

Increase productivity with this charging mouse pad. It charges your mouse wirelessly as you work- a must-have for any office.

5.      Qi Power Bank

Few things can ruin your day faster than a low battery alert. The Qi Power Bank is a valuable marketing giveaway that ensures that your leads get reliable, wireless charging when on the go.

6.     33 oz. Custom Hand Sanitizer Spray

Stay fashionable and safe all day with the 33oz. Custom hand sanitizer spray. You can impress your logo on the stylish reusable bottle

7.     16 oz. Brights Collection Plastic Stadium Cup

The brights collection plastic stadium cup is perfect for every occasion. They are durable, environmentally friendly, and easy to brand.

8.     Resistance Band

Help your clients take thier workout routines to the next level with this resistance band. It’s ideal for increasing flexibility, building muscle strength, and boosting joint mobility.;srp|3638414502

9.      1″ Economy Polyester Lanyard

Polyester lanyards are handy for displaying your tags at an event. They are lightweight, durable, and can easily be customized to match your brand colors.

10.Carrara Desktop-Set

Style up your desktop without compromising on productivity with the Carrara desktop set. You can customize your kit by choosing the stationery items that you prefer.

11. Propeller 7″ Flying Disc

Bring out your inner child with the lightweight Propeller 7″ Flying Disc. It will help keep your mind occupied during long, slow work days.

12. Cable Quack

Cable quack boosts productivity by eliminating cable clutter from your desktop. Magnet clips allow you to position your cables and maintain a neat workspace.

13.Polypropylene Drawstring Bag

A durable, water-resistant, and environmentally-friendly bag that’s perfect for everyday use. Imprint your logo on the sides to promote your brand.

14.Collapsible Foam Water Bottle Cooler

Keep your drinks chilled all day long with the collapsible foam bottle water cooler. It’s lightweight and fits easily in a carry-on bag.

15.Translucent Maui Sunglasses

Protect your eyes when the sun is out with these stylish translucent Maui sunglasses. The lenses are UVA and UVB-resistant. You can emboss your logo on the frames to boost brand exposure.

16.Standard Brain Stress Ball

Help your leads relieve stress and improve focus using the Standard Brain Stress ball. Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for clearing your mind.

17.Handy Bottle Opener Key Ring

The Handy Bottle Opener Key Ring is perfect for popping open your favorite drinks. Made from stainless steel, it’s lightweight and durable.

18.Natural Beeswax Lip Balm

Help your prospects keep dry lips at bay with this Natural Beeswax Lip Balm. It offers nourishing protection and a hint of color in one easy application.

20. Neck Gaiter 9×11.5 inch

Gift your leads with this stylish and comfortable accessory. Its light and breathable fabric protect your neck and lower face from the elements.

21. Polypropylene Grocery Tote

The eco-friendly polypropylene grocery tote is a durable and stylish bag that will make your brand message stand out. It’s reusable, lightweight, and heavy-duty.

22. Mesh-Back Trucker Hat

The Mesh-Back Trucker Hat has a breathable back mesh making it perfect for outdoor activities. Additionally, the front of the hat is prime promotional space.

23. 9.25″ Translucent Flying Disc

The 9.25″ Translucent Flying Disc is a great trade show giveaway for outdoor activities. The bright color and classic design will draw attention to your branding.

24. Economy Cotton Twill Cap

The Economy Cotton Twill Cap is made from 100% cotton. It’s adjustable and comfortable, making it a versatile trade show giveaway choice.

25. Faux Leather Patch Acrylic Beanie-Debossed

Impress leads with the stylish Faux Leather Patch Acrylic Beanie. Use it to promote your company by debossing your logo on the leather patch.

26. The Traditional Mug

The Traditional Mug is a simple giveaway that’s perfect for office workers. Additionally, your design will be fully displayed on the front of the cup.

27. The Lauderdale Softy Pen

Impress your prospects with the Lauderdale Softy Pen. Its comfortable, rubberized finished barrel makes writing an enjoyable experience.

28. The Pocket Journal

The Pocket Journal is a classic giveaway product. Show clients your appreciation by giving them a safe place to write their thoughts.

29. Charging Desk Organizer

Turn heads with the wireless Charging Desk Organizer. It has holders and clips for desk stationery. Plus, a wireless charging area for smart devices.

30. Petite Zebra Plant

Surprise prospects with the Petite Zebra Plant. It’s a wholesome giveaway that infuses the spirit of nature into dull office environments.

31. Asobu Flavour U See

Help your prospects hydrate with the  Asobu Flavour U See water bottle. Replace the centerpiece with flavor pods for a surreal experience.

32. Cylinder Bluetooth Speaker

Impress your audiophile leads with the Cylinder Bluetooth Speaker. Its minimalist, lightweight design and high-quality sound make it the perfect travel companion.

33. Candy Cocktail Jelly Beans

The Candy Cocktail Jelly Beans are perfect for prospects with a sweet tooth. The best part is that each pack contains ten delicious cocktail-inspired flavors.

34.  Moleskine Volant Journal

Make an impression on your prospects with the Moleskine Volant Journal. It has a sleek design and features detachable acid-free paper sheets.

35. Revolutionize Teamwork

Revolutionize Teamwork is a great book for fostering strong business relationships with high-value leads. Prospects will appreciate its insightful take on leadership and teamwork.

36. Magnetic Alligator Clips

The Magnetic Alligator Clip is a simple but useful trade show giveaway item. It can be attached to fridge doors and metal cabinets using its magnetic handle.

37. Branded Face Mask

Keep your prospects safe while promoting your brand. The Branded Face Mask is an intuitive way to market your business.

 38. 16 oz. Color-Changing Plastic Stadium Cup

The Color-Changing Plastic Stadium Cup is a fun promotional giveaway item with mass appeal. It changes color if your drink is hot or cold, making it the center of attention at parties and events.

39. Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

The trendy, comfortable Gildan Heavy Cotton T-shirt is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Prospects will likely wear it regularly, making it great for promoting your brand.

40. Bottom Gusset Cotton Promotional Tote

The Bottom Gusset Cotton Promotional Tote is a heavy-duty bag that can carry up to 200 lbs. Clients will love the extra room and stylish look.

41. Pebble Portable Charger

Win over your prospects with the Pebble Portable Charger. It’s lightweight, portable, and stylish. Plus, it has an impressive 5000 mAh capacity.

42. Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

The Neoprene Laptop Sleeve has a large surface area for your brand message. It’s the perfect giveaway for leads who need to keep their laptops safe while on the go.

43. Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Help your prospects fight the cold with this giveaway. Sherpa Fleece Blanket will keep you warm and comfortable during chilly work days.

44. Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

The Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit will bring life to any office party. It has everything you need to make the popular old fashion cocktail. It’s a great trade show giveaway for high-value leads.

45. Mase Headphones

Excite music lovers with the Mase Headphones. The speakers feature noise-canceling technology and high-quality speakers, guaranteeing a great listening experience.

46. Orso Mug

Win over coffee lovers with the Orso mug. The attractive two-tone paint job and insulated cork base make it better than a regular mug. Imprint your logo on the front for maximum exposure.

47. Braided Earbuds

The Braided Earbuds’ striking look makes your giftee stand out in a crowd. The reinforced braided cable ensures that the earbuds will serve you for a long time.

48. Foldable Keyboard

The Foldable Keyboard is a thoughtful marketing giveaway for digital nomads. It’s compatible with most Bluetooth devices and easily fits in a backpack.;srp|1763172683

49. Travel Pencil Case

Make your brand memorable to prospects with the Travel Pencil Case. This sleek polyester pouch has compartments for stationery, electronics, cords, and business cards.

50. Theragun Mini

The Theragun Mini is a heartfelt trade show giveaway. It’s a pocket-sized masseuse that helps release muscle tension and calm the mind.

51. 62-inch Golf Umbrella

This 62-inch Golf Umbrella will protect your leads from intense sunshine and rainfall. Additionally, its frame is lightning resistant, and the canopy is a great place to imprint your logo.

52. Reusable Straw Keychain

The Reusable Straw Keychain is a cheap giveaway product that gives tremendous value. The best part is that your prospects promote your brand every time they use their keys.

53. TEC Cable Organizer

Your leads can safely store their cords in this water-resistant TEC cable organizer. It has plenty of storage space for cables and sensitive cards.—small

 53. Leather Popsocket

The Leather Popsocket can be used with most smart devices. It secures your phone if you want to keep your hands free.

54. PopGrip Opener

The pop grip opener is a multi-purpose phone accessory. It enhances phone handling while doubling as a bottle opener. Additionally, your logo is visible when your prospects use their phones.

55. Asobu Reusable Straw

The Asobu Reusable Straw is a great eco-friendly trade show giveaway. They are made of stainless steel tubing with bendable silicone sections.

56. Realm 3-in-1 Long Charging Cable

Anyone with more than one phone will love the Realm 3-in-1 Long Charging Cable. The cables are reinforced for long-term use, and their adapter is optimized for fast charging.

57. Asobu Alpine Flask

Make an impression on your prospects with the Asobu Alpine Flask. It features a hygienic spout and grip-optimized barrel. Additionally, it keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours.

58. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Earn points with your leads by gifting them these blue light-blocking glasses. The glasses make your eyes safe as your use your laptop and phone.

59. Yeti Rambler Tumbler

Hydrating has never looked so cool. This popular trade show swag keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature. It’s also photogenic making it perfect for promoting your brand.

60. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are a cheap giveaway idea that will earn you points with prospects at any event. They have great sound quality, and the branded case doubles as a charger.

61. Beeston Pen

Give your leads something to write home about with the Beeston pen. This trade show giveaway goes well with the moleskin journal since it’s designed for moleskin paper.

62. Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box

Make a mark on foodies with the Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box. It’s made from 100% natural materials, and its bamboo lid serves as a chopping board.

63. Fitbit Versa 2 Watch

Type A personality prospects will love the Fitbit Versa 2 Watch. It’s a chic marketing giveaway that helps you organize your day. It features voice-activated technology and a powerful battery.

64. Skullcandy Riff Wireless Headphones

Spoil your clients by gifting this premium promotional item. The Skullcandy Riff Wireless Headphones fit most ear types snugly while delivering a heightened audio experience.

65. Que Bottle

This collapsible, plastic-free water bottle will help your prospects keep hydrated at all times. Additionally, you can wrap your graphics around the large surface area.

66. Midori Bamboo Tote

Give your prospects a sustainable storage option with the Midori Bamboo Tote. This eco-friendly tote is made from natural bamboo fibers.

67. Custom Yoga Mat

Support healthy lifestyles with the Custom Yoga Mat. It makes floor workout sessions comfortable for your leads while showcasing your brand message. It comes with a compact bag for storage.

68. Mint Tin

Help your clients maintain proper oral hygiene with this mini-mint tin can. Its classic hinge design and small size make it an indispensable personal item.

69. Eco-Friendly Utensil Set

Join the fight against disposable plastics by gifting this Eco-Friendly Utensil Set. It’s made from wheat grass which is durable, reusable, and eco-friendly.

70. The Mini Moscow

Give your prospects a place to write down their hopes and dreams with the Mini Moscow Notebook. Its supple cover is perfect for imprinting your logo, and the ivory-lined pages provide a smooth writing experience.

71. Custom Sleep Mask

Keep your clients productive with this Custom Sleep Mask. Its plush material keeps all light out, helping you make the most of your bedtime.

72. W&P Porter 20 oz Water Bottle

The W&P Porter 20 oz Water Bottle is a stylish eco-friendly trade show giveaway. It’s made using lightweight glass wrapped with silicone. It’s an upgrade from disposable water bottles.

73. Burt’s Bees Skincare Kit

Impress your leads with this thoughtful self-care giveaway. Burt’s Bees Skincare Kit features premium natural products. What’s more, the canvas case is an ideal branding space.

74. Welly Traveler Copper Vacuum Bottle 18 oz

Make a statement with the Welly Traveler Copper Vacuum Bottle. Its features a hardy stainless steel wall covered with a unique bamboo wrap. Even more, you can add an infuser to flavor your water.

75. Promo Antimicrobial Recycled Mouse Mat

This cheap giveaway idea has immense marketing potential. Your clients will love the recycled rubber workspace, comfortable wrist support, and antimicrobial surface.

76. Stone Face Roller

Keep your clients looking their best during intense workdays with the Stone Face Roller. Relax your face muscles and unwind your mind with its calming rolling motion.

77. Slowtide Eco Quick-Dry Fitness Towels

Win over workout enthusiasts with the Slowtide Eco Quick-Dry Fitness Towels. It’s made from recycled plastics, making it an eco-friendly trade show swag.

78. Cooling Towel Carabiner

The  Cooling Towel Carabiner is a trade show giveaway for hot workdays. It’s made of a special material that’s quick absorbing, quick drying, and cool to the touch.

79. Microfiber Stress Ball

The microfiber stress ball will help clients relieve tension during stressful workdays. Its microfiber material soothes your hand and doubles as a screen cleaner.

80. Pivo Pod

The Pivo Pod is the perfect trade show giveaway for amateur photographers. It features advanced auto-tracking technology that ensures your phone follows your movements while recording videos.

81. Custom Nylon Scrunchie

Give your prospects 90’s nostalgia with this promotional trade show item. The Custom Nylon Scrunchie is perfect for taming your unruly ponytail.

82. Custom  Mosquito Repelling Lantern

Make an impression on your clients with the branded mosquito-repelling lantern. It works by releasing a scent that keeps mosquitoes at bay. It’s indispensable for campers and outdoor lovers.

83. Miir Coffee Canister

Maintain flavor and keep your coffee beans fresh using the Miir Coffee Canister. It’s a valuable promotional item for coffee lovers. It utilizes proprietary sealing technology to maintain airtight storage.

84. Pipeline Lunch Cooler

The Pipeline Lunch Cooler is a versatile trade show gift with high value. It has plenty of storage, textured feet, and a leak-resistant interior. It’s a must-have accessory for a picnic or offsite lunch.

85. Custom Tile Mate 2.0

This simple but effective tradeshow giveaway will help your clients keep track of their items. The Custom Tile Mate 2.0 is a small and lightweight tracker you can attach to your keys, phone, or purse.

86.   Waterproof Pouch with Neck Cord

This Waterproof Pouch keeps your phone dry and safe. Also, you can safely store your credit card and other sensitive items in its neck pouch. Imprint your logo on its surface to promote your brand.

87. Custom Slip-On

Put your brand on the road with these custom slip-ons. They are a cheap giveaway product that your clients will appreciate and use regularly for quick trips outdoors.

88. Oriole Drawstring Bag

The Oriole Drawstring Bag is a must-have accessory for freestyle hikes or a day on the beach. Moreover, it’s durable, reusable, and eco-friendly.

89. Asobu Beer Koozie

The Asobu Beer Kuzie has a vacuum between its double walls, which keeps your drink cold and warm. Put your brand center stage at every party by imprinting your logo on its surface.

90. Asobu Clarity Mug

The Asobu Clarity Mug is a double-walled drinking glass with better insulation than regular ceramic mugs. Moreover, your logo will pop out thanks to its appealing aesthetic.

91. Asobu Coffee Kuzie

This reusable Asobu Coffee Kuzie is perfect for keeping your coffee hot. It’s compatible with all standard cafe-sized coffee paper cups.

92. Pinback Buttons

Retro accessories are making a comeback. Pinback Buttons are a cheap giveaway product with significant marketing value. They are great for spreading your brand message using creative designs.

93. Field & Co Picnic Blanket

Make a lasting impression on your leads with the Field & Co Picnic Blanket. Its polar fleece material and cotton padding guarantee a comfortable picnic experience. It features a built-in handle making it easy to carry.

94. Mophie 5,000 MAh Power bank

Quickly recharge your phone on the go with the Mophie 5,000 MAh Power bank. It refills multiple devices on a single charge. Add your logo to the front for maximum brand exposure.

95. JBL Clip 4 Speaker

Pull leads to your booth with the JBL Clip 4 Speaker. It has a light and portable build, meaning you can enjoy music on the go. The waterproof speaker delivers a heightened audio experience.

96. USA Shape Bamboo Cutting Board

Stand out from your competitors with this unique USA Shape Bamboo Cutting Board. It’s an affordable and eco-friendly trade show giveaway that adds character to your kitchen.

97. Sanitizer Spray Pen

Pull a James Bond on germs with this nifty hand sanitizer spray. It’s portable and lightweight. You can wrap your logo around its canister.

98. Bellroy Classic Backpack

The Bellroy Classic Backpack offers plenty of storage space without compromising comfort and convenience. It features zippered pockets and a water-resistant top pocket for valuable electronics.

99. Webcam cover

Help your prospects maintain their privacy with the Webcam cover. This multi-purpose trade show giveaway is compatible with external webcams, laptops, and smart TVs.

100. Bottle Opener Keychain

Keep it simple with this branded Bottle Opener Key chain. It’s a handy accessory that doubles as a keychain. Imprint your logo on its surface to advertise your brand.

This exhaustive list will help you pick the best tradeshow giveaways for your next event. Contact us if you need an expert to help you select the best giveaway catalog for your brand.