Trade Show Triumph — A Tale of Two Tabletop Displays

by | Jul 20, 2022 | portable displays, tabletop displays, Trade Show Exhibits, Uncategorized

Tabletop displays are one of the most effective, yet underutilized and grossly underappreciated trade show marketing mediums. These portable, lightweight displays are easy to assemble and offer a powerful promotional punch if done right. Typically, you see two types of tabletops at trade shows. There’s the professional, visually apealling tabletop and then there’s the tabletop with cluttered messaging, low-quality graphics, and poor presentation overall. The success of a tabletop display weighs heavily on the design. The graphic image and brand message should quickly capture the attention of attendees and usher them in for an enaging introduction to your brand. One high-quality, captivating graphic image is the best way to anchor your tabletop’s canvas. It’s the one component that draws attendees from across the room. You literally only have a few seconds to do so… so take a look at the comparison below to be sure you get it right.

Trade Show Table Top Displays


To create an engaging experience, consider integrating technology as well. Tabletop displays and technology play well together. Adding a tablet gives you the ability to provide product information and capture leads. An array of freestanding tablet holders are available and a built-in tablet display function is also a great option. An LCD monitor is another great functional, eye-catching tabletop display add-on. Brand messaging can be displayed on monitors for demos and presensations.  In between sessions, attention-grabbing videos can also be played to draw in even more attendees. Just pay close attention to size and how the monitors mesh with your tabletop display.

Lighting is another smart way to stand out from the crowd when exhibiting with a tabletop display. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd when there are rows and rows of tabletops. Lighting is the beacon that has attendees make a beeline to your tabletop exhibit. Before you start nervously crunching numbers, LED lighting remains an inexpensive option.

Tabletop displays come in a variety of sizes and cost selections. You have your choice of Pop-up display systems, banner stands, custom exhibits, and more. There are also many ways to maximize your tabletop display. Customized table throws and floor mats, plants, other color coordinated items make for great accompaniments. Ensure your tabletop display is a top preformer by planning meticulously and creatively. Southeast Exhibits can help you create a tabletop display that showcases your brand remarkably. Contact us today!