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Spend or Save: How to Allocate Trade Show Dollars

Southeast Exhibits How-to-Allocate-Trade-Show-Dollars Spend or Save: How to Allocate Trade Show Dollars  From one industry or event to the next, the cost of attending and exhibiting at a trade show can vary widely. But it’s still fairly safe to say that when you combine all of the exhibit and travel fees, each show is a significant marketing expense. Whether your marketing budget has you pinching every penny or with a few dollars to spare, it’s important to put your trade show money where it will have the most impact. So where to spend and where to save? Take a look at a few of the most common trade show elements:

Booth space

Sometimes size really does matter, but the size of your booth isn’t one of those instances. Of all the reasons I’ve heard or given for talking to a company at a trade show, the size of their space has never been one of them. Do shoot for a prime spot in the exhibit hall, but choosing a smaller space in a great location can save you hundreds or even thousands per show.

Booth design

While the size of the space may be less important, the features within it can make or break your trade show success. Trade show display design is one area where you definitely want to spend and even splurge. Humans are visual creatures, so you need a great display to draw them in. Whether that’s great graphics, an engaging presentation, a comfortable feel, eye-catching technology or all of the above, it pays to make an impactful impression.

The team

We’ve all been to a trade show where there’s an exhibitor that seems to have more people manning the booth than the number of attendees that have visited their booth all day. Don’t be that exhibitor. Save thousands per show on registration fees and travel expenses by sending a leaner team. Pick only your best, most knowledgeable and most engaging representatives, and reap the rewards of quality over quantity.

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