Revive Your Trade Show Exhibit with Furniture

As the saying goes, “familiarity leads to contempt”. Contempt may be a strong word in this case. But after exhibiting at trade show after trade show, becoming bored with your exhibit is not uncommon. Fret not! Fortunately, there are many creative and cost-effective options to combat your case of boredom. One way to revive your trade show exhibit is by incorporating new furniture. Trade show exhibit furnishings are often an overlooked design element. An exhibit can be completely transformed by adding furniture. Gone are the days of having plain tables and chairs to accommodate visitors. With a slew of options available, brands are able to continuously reinvent their trade show experience. Depending on the trade show and the goal for a particular show, you may incorporate theater-style seating for presentations, or opt for inviting lounge seating to engage with attendees, or both! The possibilities are endless.

Now let’s get down to the most important factor — cost. We highly recommend renting furniture to soften the budget blow. One of the top reasons to rent furniture as opposed to buying is the fact that there are no upfront costs. And because rental furniture doesn’t have to be stored, warehouse handling and storage fees won’t be an added cost. Lastly, our clients enjoy the flexibility of renting furniture. Creating a fresh experience with new furniture breeds inspiration and excitement. Being bored with your exhibit will be a thing of the past and you’ll definitely keep competitors on their toes.

Consider your goals for each trade show when planning your initial budget. Some trade shows may require more swankier furniture that others. Also consider adding branded accessories like the pillows below.

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