Creating the Ultimate Trade Show Experience with Exhibit Staging

Let’s face it. No brand wants to admit that their trade show experience is lacking. A hefty investment of  time and money goes into the design and build of a trade show exhibit. But where a lot of brands miss the mark is with the overall experience. We liken this point to building a house in hopes of attracting highly motivated buyers. A beautiful home can be constructed from the ground up but it is not fit to welcome potential buyers at an open house until the atmosphere is set and the home is staged. The same goes for a trade show exhibit.

After a client’s exhibit has been designed and built, we immediately jump into the exhibit staging phase. Staging an exhibit ensures a brand’s product or service is showcased appealingly with the overarching goal of  attracting attendees. The elements of staging a “wow-worthy” exhibit encompasses many of the elements used to stage a home. In our experience, furniture, lighting, and graphics are where we get the most experiential value. We provide furniture options to create cozy conversational groups and counters and kiosks are placed so that there is an open flow of traffic. Lighting is important to successfully staging a warm and welcoming exhibit. The options are endless. Using bold and creative wide-format graphics in an exhibit is similar to using staging art in a home to create excitement in a buyer. Eye-catching graphics can be an instant conversation starter on the the trade show floor. Once the exhibit has been staged, we work with our clients to build a comprehensive experience strategy with every touchpoint in mind. Here are a few points to consider when building an effective trade show experience strategy:

  • Design your exhibit with your end goal in mind. The booth is just a structure. What you incorporate in the booth is what will keep attendees intrigued.
  • Integrate digital technology to communicate with attendees before, during, and after the show. Create a unique campaign to keep attendees engaged.
  • Incorporate digital interactives to create interest and captivate your audience with innovative product demonstrations and cutting edge presentations.
  • Make a lasting impression by simply being a great host. Don’t just sell. Engage with attendees. Inquire and listen to their challenges and pain points.
  • From your staff’s wardrobe to the thotchkes you give away — be memorable and make a statement.