CES Exhibitors Make Exhibiting Common Mistakes

The CES is one of the largest shows in the world. With more than 3000 exhibitors showcasing a wide range of innovative products, standing out at the CES requires bringing your A-game. 

The irony is that the CES is full of exhibitors who insist on making common exhibiting mistakes. Guess what? Industry behemoths expected to set an example are usually the worst culprits. Many exhibitors on the show floor don’t know that their lackluster interaction with visitors reduces their chances of meeting the objectives set for the CES show. 

The offenses range from ignoring booth visitors to bombarding prospects with technical terms and sales jargon in a misguided effort to impress them. These rookie mistakes prove that booth staffers must undergo rigorous trade show training to make the most of their time on the show floor. 

Innovative products and services will only get you so far; success at the CES is determined by how well booth staffers interact with prospects.

You need a unique blend of skills for productive trade show exhibitions. Attendee interaction forms the foundation of these skills. Savvy exhibitors realize that prospects attend shows like the CES to find solutions for specific business problems. 

The bottom line is that you won’t determine what an attendee is interested in unless you engage with them genuinely. You’ll have a hard time understanding the needs of your prospects if you’re busy playing the slick salesman. Rest assured, your sales spiel will repel attendees and drive them to a competitor who is intent on providing practical solutions.