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Southeast Exhibits 4-Top-Trade-Show-Tech-Trends 4 Top Trade Show Tech Trends

4 Top Trade Show Tech Trends

Technology has a way of changing things, and trade shows are no different. While trade show displays once differed by graphics and configuration alone, today’s marketers have a wide range of technology options that can create a unique experience at their booth for attendees. Here are four of the top tech trends that are popping up in exhibit halls across the nation:

  1. Flush-mounted tablets. Presentations and demos are great tools in your sales team’s informational arsenal, but bringing a bulky laptop along to the booth every day of a trade show probably isn’t their idea of a good time. Flush mounting tablets into tables, walls and other trade show elements is a sleek and popular new solution to this problem, while also eliminating the potential for device loss, damage or theft.
  2. Phone charging stations. With emails to catch up on and plenty of happenings to broadcast on social media, trade shows can really be a drain on attendees’ batteries. Either as standalone units or built into chairs and tables, phone charging stations are surging in popularity at trade shows, and are a great way to ensure attendees stay in a booth long enough to have a conversation.
  3. Transparent LCD displays. If you’re looking for an impressive new addition to an existing trade show set up, transparent LCD displays might be just what you’re looking for. Allowing for an unobstructed view of the product contained within while interactive messaging is presented on the surface, these display boxes are now being utilized in trade show displays in a wide variety of industries.
  4. Digital marketing collateral. If you were to look in the trash cans at the venue where your company just exhibited, you might not like what you see – corporate literature, and lots of it. Rather than loading up attendees with paper brochures and product sheets, smart trade show marketers are allowing prospects to choose the information they want and have it delivered digitally.

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