10 x 20 Exhibit Booth Options

Southeast Exhibits is your one-stop shop for 10×20 exhibit booth options. All of our 10×20 booths are completely customizable. You are not limited to what you see below. Use the images below for inspiration. Mix and match any elements you see, or tell us what you envision. Our designers can provide abundant suggestions, too.

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American Foods





Fera Pet Organics

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Live Nation

Lounge Genie

Miko Ai

Snapper Rock

Stewart Audio


Display Booth Options


Our modular booths offer a strong and sturdy presence, while allowing for customizations and interchangeability. 


Made from light-weight prefabricated aluminum systems which come in different shapes and forms, possibilities with these displays are essentially limitless.

Tension Fabric

Another light-weight, portable solution from SouthEast Exhibits, tension fabric remains perfect for everything from pop-up banners to hanging banners. 


This wrinkle-free and washable materials is easy to set up, helping exhibitors reduce the time, effort, shipping, and manpower costs needed to get their booths ready to show.

Pop-up Displays

As the name suggests, our pop-up displays are quick to deploy and perfect for displaying high-quality graphics that can garner attention, and attract attendees. 


These receptive graphic panels can work with any color, graphic, or style of display, allowing for brands to let their creativity run wild, and make the most of this precious real estate.

Truss Displays

Our stunning 10X20 backlit truss displays are easy to set up and offer an enticing visual experience for attendees to grasp their attention.


They remain indispensable for brands looking to make a big impact, and especially those concerning industrial or heavy duty exhibits.

Made from aluminum, our truss displays can be assembled and dismantled over and over, for years, and come with extensive options for customizability. 

With the right planning and use, a truss display can prove to be a versatile asset, capable of working with print and digital media assets to make a stand out impression at trade shows.

Backlit Displays

Elevate printed graphics and brand elements with a simple yet effective backlit display.


Our displays help brands make the most of their creative visuals, helping set the tone, and create an attractive vibe that effectively positions their booth ahead of the competition.

Our backlit kits like most of our products are easy to assemble, dismantle, and are durable. They come in different shapes and forms, with limitless options for those looking to infuse a bit of creativity. They even allow for branded video backdrops to perfectly convey the brand message to attendees.

Banner Walls

Simple, elegant, and budget-friendly banner walls come with no fuss or frills, but get the job done by perfectly presenting brand creatives, visuals, and information. 


With countless options in terms of styles, sizes, and shapes, there are still plenty of avenues to be creative and stand out. This lightweight and easily portable product can last years, or even decades with the right maintenance, paying for itself many times over.

10×20 Convention Booth Components

With the right selection, mixture, and positioning of components, a 10X20 booth can do wonders for brand engagement at a trade show. 


We offer a wide range of options, customizations, and configurations to help businesses find a solution that best suits their requirements. Here are some of our components below.

Exhibit Backdrops

Our exhibit backdrops offer a commanding presence for the entire booth, which with the right visuals can effectively set the stage, and draw eyeballs. 


With our large catalog of backdrops, capable of being paired with tension fabrics, truss displays, pop-ups, vinyls, and more, there is seemingly no stopping the creative possibilities.

Exhibit Furniture

A 10X20 booth offers a lot of space for attendees to interact with your booth staff and your brand, which can be further enhanced with the right seating, tables, and arrangements. 


It’s crucial to make most of the precious real estate that a booth has been allotted, while planning for seating, demonstrations, and the furniture-styles, keeping in mind the number of attendees expected, and their distribution over the course of the trade show.

  • Tables –  Our brandable tables, coming in different shapes and sizes make it easy for the staff to discuss and explain the product to attendees. With varying color-schemes, and customizations that perfectly align with the brand, the tables ensure compliance with the broader message.
  • Counters – are where products are displayed, demonstrations are conducted, and interactions are held. Our range of counters allow for different shapes, backdrops, and even visuals that keep the branding and messaging alive.
  • Chairs – A dedicated lounge area with an inviting ambiance can do wonders for a booth, and draw in attendees who are just looking to relax from the walking around, and the hustle and bustle of the trade show. A 10X20 booth remains perfectly suited for this, and our range of high-quality seating options is a great place to get started, with additional customizability to gel with the broader message.


A trade booth is incomplete without a customized and polished flooring that remains on-point with the broader brand elements. 


The flooring is essentially what ties all of the other elements together, and without the right materials, colors, and textures that add to visual appeal, it will likely stick out like a sore thumb, drawing attention away from the brand.

For exhibitors looking for the perfect light-weight, and portable flooring solution, we offer a wide range of options including interlocking tiles, raised flooring, rollable vinyl, and planks. 


For trade shows, lighting can be reduced to an exact science, with different styles and colors for pop-up displays and retractable stands, and milder options for seating, demonstration, and viewing area. 


When it comes to a trade show booth, lighting is far from black and white, there is a lot that needs to be considered, in order to create the perfect experience.

Our assorted range of LED STEM lights, backlights, subtle color changing lights, and related accessories can add a lot of value to an exhibit with the right choice and placement.

Display Shelves

The display shelving for an exhibition booth clearly presents the product, in its various sizes, forms, and styles, while ensuring that the audience’s undivided attention remains on the display.


This is once again achieved with the use of brandable customizations, along with sturdy and spacious display options.

With our range of shelving options for trade booths, exhibitors need not look any further for a customizable, colorful, and portable option to go with their tradeshow gameplans.

Literature Holders

The literature rack maintains a stock of all relevant marketing collateral, ranging from pamphlets across different products and services, to catalogs, brochures, business cards, and more. 


This is ideally positioned at the entrance of the booth, perfectly organized, and well marked to attract attention. At SouthEast Exhibits we offer a customizable range of clean, minimalistic holders, with some that go the extra mile with backlights, and brandable visuals.

LED TV Display Stands

LED TVs have become a staple at trade shows of late, given their portability, versatility, and remarkable flexibility when it comes to the type, and mix of content that can be displayed. 


Professional exhibits have since gone all-out with LED displays, with the use of multiple stands and mounts to project a wide range of visuals to best convey their message.

For TV stands and mounts for monitors of different sizes, and portable, rolling, or mobile stands, look no further than our catalog, with an extensive range, all perfectly suited for trade shows.

All of the above-mentioned components help make a successful trade booth, but it can only serve its purpose well when used in the right mix, customization, and planning. With our range of products and offerings, we can make any plan or creative idea for an upcoming trade show a reality, at prices, service, and turn-around times that are second to none.

Contact us today for expert advice on turning your 10×20 display booth into a force to reckon with on the trade show floor.

If you feel a 10×20 exhibit is more space than you need and want to see a smaller booth size, you may want to check out a 10×10 trade show booth.