10 x 10 Exhibit Booth Options

Southeast Exhibits is your one-stop shop for 10×10 exhibit booth options. All of our 10×10 booths are completely customizable. You are not limited to what you see below. Use the images below for inspiration. Mix and match any elements you see, or tell us what you envision. Our designers can provide abundant suggestions, too.

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Adventerra Games

Harvest Snaps

CBD Dog Health

City Image Barber

Jonathan Sprouts


Sales Force

Saucy Ladies




Display Booth Options


It’s easy to see why our modular booths are the first choice for exhibitors. They are cost-effective, and the modular building blocks combine to create beautiful bespoke exhibition booths.


At Southeast Exhibits, we offer versatile 10×10 modular booth components that allow you to customize your booth design and align your exhibit with key marketing goals. For instance, our modular kits include counters, LED TV stands, and display shelves.

Moreover, our 10×10 modular booths include backdrops ideal for displaying your logo and brand graphics. Our modular booth kits also include lighting components that add extra appeal to your back wall graphics and product exhibits.

Tension Fabric

If you are seeking a lightweight and effective exhibit solution, then you’ll love our tension fabric 10×10 trade show displays. This budget-friendly option is easy to set up, and our 10×10 tension fabric display frames are durable and easy to transport.


The best part is that our tension fabric setup features an intuitive frame design that emphasizes your printed fabric graphics. As a result, your design backdrops will appeal to attendees, attracting attention and potential leads to your booth.

Pop-up Displays

We know how challenging it is to find an affordable and lightweight display for your brand graphics. Fret not. Our modern, pop-up exhibits will meet your unique exhibit needs.


While our pop-up display booths are easy to set up, the intuitive frame structure design enhances your backdrop display, maximizes brand visibility.

Additionally, our pop-display kit is ideal if you are going for a minimalist booth design. The case doubles up as a branded booth stand, allowing you to set up an attractive and clutter-free exhibit space.

Truss Displays

Do you want to turn heads and impress prospects at your trade show? Then, you’re in luck. Our 10×10 truss displays will take your exhibit to the next level.


Our truss displays are ideal for exhibitors seeking a versatile trade show exhibit solution. Since the structure is made from durable materials such as steel, you can enhance your booth using large screen displays and attention-grabbing overhead lighting.

The kicker? Our 10×10 truss display booths are surprisingly user-friendly. Our truss kits ship with a detailed user manual that simplifies the assembly process. Finally, the modular design of our trade show truss displays allows customization in line with your trade show objectives and marketing goals.

Backlit Displays

Trade shows are now more competitive than ever. As a result, you can’t rely on conventional backdrops to stand out from your competitors. This is where our backlit displays come in.


We offer a wide range of portable, durable, and cost-effective backlit displays for your 10×10 exhibit booth. Moreover, our impressive backlit display catalog has all you need for your unique design and marketing specifications.

For instance, we provide backlit setups for illuminating your tension SEG fabric and custom tube displays that make your brand message and logo pop. But that’s not all. Our eye-grabbing video backdrops are ideal for advertising your brand on the show floor and drawing prospects to your booth.

The most appealing selling point of our backlit display kit is its versatility. Our backlit displays are supported by a durable and modular frame that allows customization.

For example, you can opt for a U-shape design or set up your frame to form an L- shape booth layout. In short, our 10×10 backlit booth displays won’t limit you to a cookie-cutter booth setup.

Banner Walls

If you are on a tight budget, a backlit booth display might be out of your reach. But don’t worry, we have you covered: We offer a wide variety of 10×10 banner wall setups for your convention booth.


Don’t let the low price tag fool you. Banner walls are a versatile marketing tool for your brand. For instance, you can create a bold backdrop design by connecting individual banner wall stands to form your back wall display.

Printed fabric banner displays are durable and easy to clean. Moreover, you can repurpose our compact banner wall kits to create different booth layouts.

10×10 Convention Booth Components

Since space at trade shows is limited and expensive, you need to make good use of your floor space to maximize your ROI.


Knowing which booth components to include in your 10×10 convention exhibit will go a long way in helping you make the most of your allotted space. Our exhibit booth components are designed to help you maximize floor space while maintaining an appealing booth aesthetic.

Exhibit Backdrops

Exhibit backdrops are your promotional trump card. An eye-catching backdrop pulls prospects to your booth while helping you stand out from competitors.


We offer 10×10 exhibit backdrops that fit different booth layouts while satisfying your unique design needs. Examples include:

  • SEG graphics backdrops
  • LED backlit backdrops
  • Truss backdrops
  • Pop up displays
  • Banner stand displays

Our exhibit backdrops are ideal for attracting prospects to your booth, boosting brand visibility, and enhancing your marketing platform.

Exhibit Furniture

Overlooking exhibit furniture is a common and costly error. On the other hand, the right exhibit furniture projects a positive brand image and encourages prospects to spend time at your booth.


We provide custom furniture choices that complement your 10×10 exhibit booth design and contribute to your overall convention goals. Our main options include the following:

  • Tables –  Our exhibit table choices serve various purposes. For instance, our HopUp tabletop displays help maximize space by creating extra room for your exhibits. Additionally, we offer unique designs, which creates an ideal mood for a productive conversation with prospects.
  • Counters – Counters can make or break your trade show goals. Your counter is the cornerstone of your exhibit. It’s where prospects interact with your exhibits while conversing with your sales team. We offer a wide range of unique counter choices that you can customize to fit specific marketing needs.
  • Chairs – Nothing attracts prospects faster to your booth than a dedicated seating area. Comfortable chairs welcome attendees to your booth, giving them time to catch their breath as they check out exhibits and interact with your sales team. Our budget-friendly seat options range from trendy trade show bar stools to director chairs and plush leather sofas.


Remember to consider the importance of flooring for your exhibit booth. A great exhibit floor protects your staffers’ feet, allowing them to maintain their energy levels while standing for long periods. Additionally, the right flooring adds professional appeal to your exhibit by contributing to the aesthetic of your booth.


We offer various cost-effective flooring options that are customizable to your specifications. They include:

  • Custom printed carpets
  • FlexFloor
  • Plush carpets
  • Rolled bamboo
  • Interlocking carpet tiles


Achieving your trade show goals is a pipe dream without proper lighting. An effective lighting setup makes your exhibits and brand graphics stand out. Moreover, you can attract prospects to your booth by leveraging trade show lighting to create a unique booth atmosphere.


At Southeast exhibits, we have all your convention lighting needs covered. Our extensive 10×10 exhibit lighting catalog includes the following:

  • Hanging lights
  • Backlights
  • Custom lamps
  • Spotlights

Display Shelves

Display shelves are an important component of your 10×10 exhibit booth.A proper display shelf setup is ideal for maximizing space and enhancing product visibility. In addition, our display shelves provide dedicated sections for displaying products and important marketing information.


Our shelving catalog contains many options, including multilevel designs, collapsible setups and portable display shelves.

Literature Holders

Our literature holders help reduce clutter in your booth by keeping your printed promotional organized and accessible to your sales team. Moreover, we can enhance the promotional potential of your literature holders by printing your custom graphics and marketing slogans.

LED TV Display Stands

An LED TV display stand will go a long way in maximizing your exhibit floor space. With this in mind, our TV stands are an effective solution for securing and positioning your display monitor. We offer various options, including:

  • Single-post display stands with adjustable height
  • Portable display stands
  • Linear TV display stands
  • Custom workstation TV stands

Setting up a 10×10 tradeshow display booth can be an exciting, but challenging experience. However, Southeast Exhibits has the expertise and resources to provide you all the design consultation you need to come up with the perfect booth for your exhibition goals.

Contact us today for expert advice on turning your 10×10 display booth into a force to reckon with on the trade show floor.

If you feel your exhibit requires more space and want to step up to the next booth size, you may want to check out a 10×20 trade show booth.